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A Professional Solution To A Whiter Brighter Smile!

There are many causes of tooth discoloration; substances like coffee, cola, and smoking. Some medications and aging can also cause your teeth to stain over time. Dr. Priske can determine the source of your discoloration, then recommend the best whitening system for you. In most cases the results are striking!
Don't be misled by unproven and ineffective over-the-counter whitening solutions. Our office dispenses a simple, safe and effective tooth whitening system that is closely monitored by our clinical staff for maximum results in the least amount of time.

OpalescenceŽ 10% & PF 10, 15 & 20%

Refresh the white.

Whether you prefer a day at the bleach or an overnight white. Opalescence is the worldwide leader in tray-delivered tooth whitening. With three flavor options and a fluoride & potassium nitrate formula for sensitivity, our sticky, 20% water gel prevents dehydration and stays in the tray. We’re brightening the world one smile at a time.

Click Here for the Opalescence MSDS Sheet

The Tooth Whitening Process:
1. Impressions of your upper and lower teeth are made. From these impressions, we will make custom fitting tooth whitening trays.
2. You are then fitted with the trays, which are clear and very hard to detect at a distance. You will be given the Opalescence professional whitening system and personalized instructions about how to use it.
3. To keep your teeth free from tartar and plaque, you and Dr. Priske will plan the proper homecare regimen in order to keep your smile looking good for a lifetime.

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